May 04

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April 2018

Larry Houghton (left) and Yomo Shaw (right) are mentors who understand how difficult it is to overcome significant challenges.

In my 20+ years coming up in government and politics in San Francisco, I have not seen a more collaborative approach to lifting up historically marginalized communities and breaking the poverty cycle than our City’s HOPE SF initiative.

As San Franciscans, we should be proud of our innovative spirit, and I’m excited to tell you more about the most inclusive urban initiative in the country: HOPE SF, which will be transformative for our neighbors who have been systematically left behind. Why is it important? First off, this isn’t just a housing initiative. Yes, HOPE SF will reconstruct San Francisco’s most distressed public housing sites, ultimately building 6,000 brand new, modern homes at all income levels and without mass displacement. But it’s more than just housing.

HOPE SF is delivering on past promises and commitments made across mayoral administrations to create thriving, healthy and safe communities; ensure economic mobility by connecting people to living wage jobs and high quality schools; and provide wraparound services that support the whole family.

We are asking you to join us as a supporter. To be clear, all we are asking you to do is respond to this email, stating your support. We will not bombard you with more emails.

Sign your name as part of a vibrant coalition of diverse local leaders from every corner of our city, and keep HOPE SF a priority. 20 years from now, we believe HOPE SF will have catalyzed a mixed-income community of civically empowered, healthy, and economically mobile families.

We at Ground Floor pride ourselves on bringing together the private sector, nonprofit community, and government for winning partnerships that move San Francisco and our region forward. Help us achieve the promise of this powerful initiative as one city, together. Visit HOPE SF for more information.

If you are interested in working with us and taking your involvement to the next level, please let us know, and we would be glad to have that conversation too.

Alex and the Ground Floor Team